“Sunshine” (2007) Movie Review

Director: Danny Boyle. Starring; Cillian Murphy, Chris Evas, Rose Byrne. Rated R. Color. 2007.

For me, “Sunshine” is one of the biggest letdowns in film history. Similar to the popular television show “Lost”, this outer-space movie brings the audience so much hope for what could possibly be from an intellectual standpoint. Unfortunately the final act is so bad that the viewer wishes they had never started this journey in the first place.

A crew of multicultural astronauts are sent on a mission to reignite the sun and save humanity with a newly designed fission bomb that will be injected into the heart of our favorite star. An intriguing premise for a space exploration film.

The loaded cast does not know what is in store as they embark on a journey beyond imagination. The great Cillian Murphy plays Robert, the leader on this expedition. A massive spaceship named “Icarus II”, as the first “Icarus” plan failed, is launched into space. The first mission did leave one crewman behind.

For approximately one hour or so, “Sunshine” is beautiful to take in. The themes about climate change, things we cannot control, and basic humanity are pulsating. Chris Evans does some of his best work as Mace, the cocky second in command pilot who believes he can solve any problem. There is also a shrink who likes to stare at shiny object and a physicist who, well, doesn’t really do much of anything.

And then, the last 45 minutes happen as “Sunshine” turns into one of the strangest horror movies ever. It is totally on brand once you hear screenwriter Alex Garland wrote this movie. Garland also wrote “The Beach” and “28 Days Later”. Both very promising films. And how did those endings turn out? Terrible!

To close out “Sunshine” Boyle brings back one of his favorite actors ever. He unfortunately covers the man in prosthetic makeup that does not compute. I have not been to the edges of the sun. I also doubt the ultimate villain of a space epic has the worst sunburn and somehow has the need to destroy a crew that didn’t ‘SAVE HIM’. Imagine “The Martian” minus the purpose of existing as a film.

“Sunshine” is one of those pictures one can buy into. Very similar to anything M. Night Shaymanlan has ever made. It is too bad the audience is forced to lose hope before the ending credits roll. I promise, walk away. walk away film fans. A movie that is so close and finds a way to destroy itself at such an extreme level. The Chris Evans drowning scene alone…

SUCK FACTOR; 6 Out of 7. 7 Means Your Movie Really SUCKS!

The SUCK FACTOR! How it works. We have flipped the script on the rating system. If one makes a masterpiece such as “The Godfather” your movie receives 0 SUCKS! If you make a Michael Bay style movie you receive a disrepetctable 7 out of 7. That means your movie really SUCKS!

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