“Unity Inspiring All of Us” (2021) Life Review

Starring; Curt Arnett & Greg Byrd. Creator; All of us as people. Rated R, but hopefully PG-13 in the future?

I am trying very hard not to care when it comes to divisive mentalities anymore. This is no longer 2020 and there is no person better to personify that thought process of positive disagreement other than the esteemed Curt Arnett. He is a person that inspires vast beyond your eyes can see. And I disagree with almost all of his political and social positions! Allow me to explain…

Curt Arnett walked up to me around a decade ago whilst I was fresh out of college and still incredibly overweight. He told me I was doing it wrong and handed me a single piece of paper with a diet and said “IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE FAT BOY!” Oh did I not realize the lengths this man’s mentorship would go towards myself as well as my close friends. Let us again not forget our staunch differentiating beliefs including religion.

With Curt I lost a clean 100 LBS in a year. Thought that was enough. There was much more. My dear friend Scott Riddle saw what Curt was doing for me and suddenly came out ripped as hell himself, albeit doing his own training separately. Scott did take it a little too far at one point admittedly, but Scott’s life was changed for the better because I randomly met this old man. I found the first girl I ever truly fell in love with as she saw the improvements outside of the gym because of what was happening in the gym. My other lifelong brother from another mother Justin Bowles puked during one of the first workout sessions when he tried it so this was never perfect. In the words of Curt; “SUCK IT UP BABY!” Turns out that badass Justin Bowles’s sister-in-law Brianna Bodo looked stunning as she walked down the aisle at her wedding. She asked me how I lost weight the Christmas before the Ceremony and it took me two seconds to pull up the number to call. And best of all, there have been only a handful of times in over a decade that I have had to question wearing something bigger than a standard large mens t-shirt combined with a size 32″ pair of trousers.

That is all material stuff. Mr. Arnett goes way further. His ‘bubble’ if you will introduced me to some amazing people as well as some not so much. There are a few that I know dislike me and vice-versa. I was able to get multiple jobs through the man without him doing anything other than supporting mostly good souls. From the early opportunities of filming multiple weddings for Albuquerque’s great Greek-Based community all the way to having contacts necessary during my time working for the newspaper, the positive impacts kept on coming. He even trained a one Mr. Jordan Pacheco, a former MLB player and the only one in the group of High School stud athletes I graduated with that treated everyone with respect. A big part of that classiness came from Curt. My mother was willing to foot the bill for me to pay Curt after being laid off due to Covid-19 last May. Why? Because every experience has been a positive one and she knows that.

Thus brings me to my ultimate point. Look at the two photos above. You’ve got one person wearing a #BLACKLIVESMATTER mask and a #BTS t-shirt arm and arm with an old guy rocking a #TRUMP hat and a #PRO_GUN t-shirt. That is not what America should represent, that is what us as humans should represent. I can disagree with him on issues, but there is one thing that is absolute in my mind. If you want to see a class act in real life do a workout with Curt Arnett. Being around good human beings is essential and far outweighs monetary gain of any kind. Now if I could just convince Curt to give up the guns…

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