Top 10 LGBTQ Couples On Screen

Just like quote-unquote “Normal” people, members of the LGBTQ community are so very much similar to the standard straight folks. Trying to make a living. Trying to help others in whatever way possible. But most importantly, trying to be happy in the short period of time we all have on this Earth. To honor LGBTQ Awareness month, here are my Top Ten LGBTQ couples of film and television.

10. Cameron & Mitchell (“Modern Family”):

“Modern Family” is a sitcom cornerstone. It goes through so many different aspects of what people believe is ‘FAMILY’ without letting a laugh go. Ty Burrell as the character ‘Phil’ steals the show. However, along the decade long run for “Modern Family”, how can one not love the couple composed of Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) loving an adopted child as well as nieces and nephews just like any other couple does. Maybe not exactly like loving the kids because Cameron is “A BIT OF A BITCH!”.

9. Jules & Nic (“The Kids Are All Right”):

The most standard selection on this list. It seems more accepted to be a lesbian than it is a gay man. On top of that, Annette Benning and Julianne Moore are hall of fame actors. “The Kids Are All Right” checks off all the boxes, a big reason in which it almost won the Golden Statue at the Oscars. The story involving these two legends on screen is excellent. Yet, it would be much higher on this list if it went beyond the level of “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!” and instead being “MEH?” “The Kids Are All Right” is a solid movie. That’s about it.

8. Ennis & Jack (“Brokeback Mountain”):

Of all the films on this list, none became more iconic culture-wise as “Brokeback Mountain”. The entire ‘gay-cowboy’ thing became particularly hot during the early days of social media. Also the fact that “Brokeback” did not win Best Picture at the Oscars created an outrage amongst the liberal Hollywood community. Look, “Brokeback Mountain” is a solid movie love story. All excellent actors involved. Nothing but beautiful locations being shot at the correct time of the year. Heath Ledger smelling his dead lovers jacket will break your heart. At the end of the day, “Brokeback Mountain is and never will be a classic moviemaking wise. It is a classic because the anti-gay culture made it so with their outrage about a MOVIE! It is not a classic because, when you look back on it, the love story is just ok. Jack and Ennis’s journey is however endearing in a world that hates homosexuals.

7. Armand & Albert Goldman (“The Birdcage”):

Regardless of where you are on this issue, what a load of fun “The Birdcage” is. Based on the original French picture “La Cage Aux Folle”, “The Birdcage” goes full tilt towards the San Fransisco gay community during the mid 90’s. Without others knowing, Robin Williams plays Armand, a show producer in the Bay area. Armand has one problem, his overly rambunctious cross-dressing partner Albert (Nathan Lane). Albert is all about the pageantry for the drag shows. Armand is all about the fact that his son is about to marry the daughter of a staunch republican Senator Keeley (Gene Hackman), a man who is not cool with the LGBTQ community. It does not matter in the end, as people from both communities come together for happiness in their own right.

6. Andrew & Miguel; (“Philadelphia”):

“Philadelphia” is very much a Tom Hanks/Denzel Washington movie. they own this piece. On the surface, “Philadelphia” is all about the lawsuit. And yet, the moments you see Miguel (Antonio Banderas) spending time with Andrew’s family and friends is so touching. The two of them dressed as Navy sailors for Halloween. Miguel meeting Andrew’s family for the first time. In the end being in the hospital when Andrew gets really sick. A love that never faltered, it was just cut short by a disease.

5. Rue & Jules: (“Euphoria”):

“Euphoria” has become a polarizing series for some reason. Apparently parents believe their children are not doing drugs or having sex. Have fun with that mentality. The story of Rue and Jules in “Euphoria” is very similar to relationships we have all had. You fall in love and it’s amazing for the first few weeks. All of the sudden one of the two members gets hooked on a wanker, then comes crawling back as she did not realize how good this person is. On top of that Rue is a hardcore, and I mean hardcore, drug addict. Jules tries, but nothing can fix it. And that is the heart of this great romance story that is not yet over. Rue is a drug addict that cannot stop. Jules is a naive transexual phenom who ignites every room or party she enters. Despite how this series ends, the story of Rue and Jules will be classic as it is pure complicated human beings in love.

4. Abby & Harper: (“Happiest Season”):

How “Happiest Season” was not more popular is beyond me. It stars Kirsten Stewart and is also a Christmas movie full of joy. Sorry it involves lesbians and republicans attempting to get along. “Happiest Season” is 100 percent your typical classic rom-com. The spouse being afraid to introduce the lover to his/hers bride to be be. And on top of that, it’s a chick named Harper (Dakota Johnson) who does not want to admit to their lesbian relationship. The sequence of events gets even more chaotic when Harper’s previous lesbian ex Riley (Aubrey Plaza) shows up to ruin the holiday trip. When it comes down to it, “Happiest Season” is just like any other holiday film for whatever family you have. Some aunt/uncle is going to show up drunk with some ridiculous political opinions. Some younger member of the family are going to find happiness in not being ‘normal’. Whatever you do or do not believe, “Happiest Season” is about accepting ones self. That is what we’re all trying to do right?

3. Oliver & Elio (“Call Me By Your Name”):

“Call Me By Your Name” is no doubt a tough one. The aspect of teacher to student sexualization is put on display full-front. Myself, I took away the metaphorical thought of a teacher helping a student learn. Teacher may not be the correct wording. I saw in “Call Me By Your Name” two unsure humans attempting to find themselves in their own right. Arimie Hammer is dominating and Timothy Chalemet is rejective. “Call Me By Your Name” is not a film about homosexuals. It is a film about human beings trapped in cursed love.

2. Lil’ Papi & Angel (“Pose”):

So many enduring couples to choose from when it comes to the brilliant show “Pose”. Main star Billy Porter as ‘Pray’ has several romances alone. Yet it is Lil’ Papi (Angel Curel) and Angel’s ( India Moore) journey that is the heart of one of the best shows ever made. From unnerving sexual orientation to ultimate acceptance, the love story regarding Lil’ Papi & Angel is the stuff of legends. Hardcore drug use as well as being kicked out of their home can get in the way. In the end, all these two want to do is “Pose”, and “Pose” together they sure do.

1. Chiron & Kevin (“Moonlight”)::

Who decides to make a film about a homosexual gangster? Apparently writer/director Barry Jenkins thought it would be a good idea. Thank the movie gods he did. The story of a child who grew up with a cracked out mother and whose only father figure is the local drug kingpin goes through the entire gamut of human emotion. We see the young man aka ‘Little’ get bullied on a daily basis before he finds his father figure Juan (Mahershala Ali). We then see him begin to come into his own in high school and beyond as ‘Black’ (Trevante Rhodes), who takes over the local drug game. The one thing Black cannot rid himself of is his homosexuality. Kevin, played by multiple actors at different stages of life, brings out the young thug’s tendencies after a romantic encounter off the beaches of Miami. What “Moonlight” showcases best, in particular during the ending scene, is that love has no boundaries. Race, religion, color, sexual orientation, love is the purest thing any of us can have.

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