Will Smith: A Decade Prior

Look, the slap was not cool by Will Smith. Unfortunately for him it went viral. And yet somehow he is banned for the next decade from the Academy. Really? He is getting a similar penalty as Harvey Weinstein did while simply losing his cool in a moment. Seriously? For my money, if you are going to ban Will Smith from the Oscars you would have a much better argument for the garbage movies he made a decade plus prior to this awards show moment. You may not remember how bad these films were. This is a collection of films he was the star of, four in a row, that totally SUCK! Here are four movies Will Smith made a decade plus ago that would actually deserve a benching by the Academy.

“After Earth” (2013):

Hey, “Big Willy”, you want to bring your son into the acting world. Sure, nepotism. We get it. I would suggest two things for future reference. One, your son Jaden cannot act his way out of a paper bag. Perhaps a different part of the industry. Talent does not translate the same way in which basic human genes do. Two, if you are trying to make a movie with your son, do not choose an idiotic M. Night Shaymalan movie to do it. I will give you a slight pass because your idiotic decision to do this movie is not quite as bad as the director’s vision. Correction, you signing onto this walking piece of trash is the dumbest part of this situation.

“Men In Black 3” (2012):

No question the original “Men in Black” is a classic comedy. The second one was, to say the least, weak. “Men In Black 3” ended the franchise on a historically bad level. The MIB are known for odd creatures, but the villain Boris the Animal has zero traits to enjoy in a villain here. I will give Josh Brolin props for crushing his interpretation as the younger Tommy Lee Jones. The climactic brawl is ridiculously bad and the final moment is very, very racist. This movie killed the franchise so much that they had to bring it back with an even worse movie starring Chris Hemsworth for an attempted reboot.

“Seven Pounds” (2008):

No. No, no, no, no, no. A dick in real life who is now a dead man (spoiler alert), an organ donor, is going around finding the right people for his body parts. Along the way he falls in love with a woman that was supposed to be a wonderful happily ever after. But of course the woman needs his heart to survive. A group of seven souls will not join the man in heaven as long as they deserve to live. Now that is inspiration… Inspiration if you’ve never gone through bypass surgery. Apparently one has to earn their organ transplants in order to survive.

“Hancock” (2008):

“Hancock” had so much potential. A drunken superhero is a totally different take on the genre. The first hour or so is hilarious. It embraces the absurd concept of the genre. Then it all falls apart once Hancock discovers who he really is as his true love presents herself. A typical Peter Berg directed film. It starts off hot and just goes off the rails in the end. The scene where Smith shoves one prisoner’s head into another one’s ass is still hilarious, I will give “Hancock” that. Yes, the best part of this movie is a “Human Centipede” style ass joke.

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