“The Forever Purge” (2021) Movie Review

Director; Everardo Gout. Starring; Ana de la Reguera, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta. Rated R. Color. 103 Minutes.

Listen, I get what the filmmakers are trying to say with their message here. Unfortunately, “The Forever Purge” comes off as a lesser tone deft and racist version of the communities they are attempting to scorn on the big screen. This movie is not made by the dip-shits that stormed the Capitol or want to build a wall, yet it somewhat adds fuel to the fire of the ridiculous ‘White Nationalist Movement’. As a white male at a distance obviously, I was offended for the hispanic community. “The Forever Purge” tries to narrowly shove aside a very thin line and does not accomplish being on the correct page of that marker. The racist talk aside, this movie is all over the place and quite frankly really f-ing stupid. Let us begin.

We start with Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and her man Juan (Tenoch Huerta) sneaking across the border into America as the border wall has been erected in full. They don’t mention Trump but, C’MON… Cut to a few months later and the ‘illegal’ couple is working for a family in Texas. Juan has a solid gig on a horse ranch run by Mr. Tucker (Will Patton). Mr. Tucker is getting up there in age and his son Dylan (Josh Lucas) is preparing to take over not just the ranch but also his first child being born. No question a stressful time. Dylan is not hard core racist, but he definitely believes that white people should be with white people. An early moment when Juan is able to subdue a wild horse that Dylan could not wrangle is a big ego blow.

The annual ‘Purge’ begins with attacking small neighborhoods near El Paso, Texas as our main focus. The rich ranchers suddenly find themselves at the mercy of Mexican Immigrants wanting to kill their slave like owners. With the Tuckers saved by the hispanics who have no desire to kill beyond necessity, a bond is created. The main players make it through initially. Not so fast. This ‘Purge’ is not going to end based on the rules. America is crazy and the only chance is to find a way to immigrate to Mexico.

That is my biggest problem with “The Forever Purge”. Fictional and factual content made by people from one group about another is great when it is done intelligently. This movie almost makes a case for ‘The White Nationalist Movement’ and justifies their nonsense. Plus, do not get me started on how schizophrenic the action shootouts are. Was this made by film school students?

My final issue. How did these main characters become badass? “The Purge: Election Year” had the big dick protecting the future president because he is secret service. “The First Purge” had a hardcore drug-ring leader taking purger’s out. How are a group comprised of immigrants and cowboys expected to fight off militias with kill orders? If you can defend that question then you know more than me. I certainly wish this franchise is not going international, but it probably will. Perhaps the “Canada Purge”? Seems a bit more tame…

Suck Factor: 6 out of 7 (7 Means Your Movie SUCKS!)

Suck Factor, the way it works. We have flipped the script on the standard rating system. If your movie is a masterpiece say “The Godfather” you receive 0 SUCKS. If you make a total piece of garbage, any Michael Bay movie for example, you receive a straight 7 out of 7 SUCKS!

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