“One Shot” (2021) Video Review

Director; Rebekah Wiggins. Featuring; Jeff Poole, Kris Kerby, Alex Knight. Unrated. Color. 8 minutes.

I always enjoy the ‘odd’ in art when done with or without a purpose as long as something is there at the end of the tunnel. I cannot say I found one holistically with the New Mexico quartet Prism B!tch’s latest video “One Shot”. I also cannot say that this video is not an absolute blast. It is a unique piece, no question, but what is the purpose? Not sure there is an answer. Maybe there shouldn’t be.

The music is excellent in my book, but once again I am not a music critic. I know visuals. After the opening credits we get an elegant showcase of shots featuring faceless musicians playing on a washboard with a spoon, somebody beating on a water bucket, and a picket-man digging into a rock. No idea what is going on. Suddenly the crew of make-shift melody starters stumble upon a dying man soaked in blood. This is where things get crazy.

A preacher shows up out of nowhere and gives those involved a piece of the ceremonious ‘SACRIFICIAL LAMB’ to commemorate the dead guy. Once the priest literally shoves his hand into one of the subject’s mouth (pun intended obviously), the real music begins as the crew climbs up the hill. From there things continue to get stranger, including an angry old west cowboy with bad teeth and a tiny stuffed dog being roasted over a fire. Not the dog bro!

What Prism B!tch is putting out here conceptually is enthralling. Never backing down and fighting against the establishment or the basic structure of society in hopes of positivity over hate. Also the band’s take on Native American rights is fantastic in my book. At least I believe that was the goal? Art in the eye of the beholder as always. Seeing the bad guys bleeding out of their pours whilst the band plays is a great bit. I would definitely lose the preacher throwing the drum stick from the high rock part. Just ridiculous. In the end though, what is Prism B!tch really trying to accomplish here was my only issue.

“One Shot” is without a doubt a piece different from others. Very well shot by my old friend and cinematographer Corey Weintraub. This group Prism B!tch has some serious potential going forward and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. I would lose the nonsense opening shots of you all looking cool and instead let your music speak for itself, but that’s just me. As for “One Shot” as a singular piece and a video, objectively, I’m gonna have to go with a solid ‘MEH’ response.

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GROUP VISIT; https://www.prismbitch.com

Suck Factor: 3 out of 7 (7 means your movie really SUCKS!)
Written by Byrd
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