10 Characters Brave Enough to Not Fight Back

Seeing what happened with the mob protests on our State Capitol made me embarrassed to be an American. Has not happened since 1814 when a mob protested their rights towards a little thing called SLAVERY! This display of unruly action makes me sick. However, I strongly advocate not fighting back. Bullies want you to fight back because that is the only way in which their opinion is validated in their minds. The best way to defeat hate is not with more hate. It is with love. Nothing pisses off an angry mob more than simply ignoring them. Even worse, respecting their feelings like a decent person should do. Showing restraint is the most powerful weapon we can use to get positive things done. In honor of that concept of peace, here is 10 Characters Brave Enough to Not Fight Back.

10. Amy Adams as ‘Louis Banks’ (“Arrival”):

Most films involving aliens consist of human beings fighting for their lives to destroy invaders. The kid versions of the genre such as “E.T” push cute characters that can sell plush dolls to children. Director Denis Villeneuve went a different direction by focusing on adults that decided not to panic and instead accept and welcome another species from the reaches of the cosmos. Amy Adams plays Louis, a well renowned professional who is well versed in identifying unique forms of language. When mysterious squid like aliens show up around the world military forces want to strike. But maybe, just maybe, launching a litany of bombs towards these visitors is not the answer. Louis is able to establish a connection with these extra-terrestrial beings as both sides learn from one another peacefully. What a concept…

9. Tom Hanks as ‘Andrew Beckett’ (“Philadelphia”):

There is no reason why Tom Hank’s character Andrew Beckett should not be furious. “Philadelphia” portrays the story of a brilliant man who is shamed and discarded because of his sexual preference. No doubt an excellent lawyer working for a big time Philadelphia law firm, Beckett is set up and fired once the top brass realizes he has contracted AIDS due to his promiscuous homosexual private life. The acts of those above him are deplorable, especially since Andrew considered these men mentors. Instead of retaliating with violence, Beckett attacks the firm legally and shows that defeating bigotry is not about fists. Facts win in a court of law. Well, sometimes. Sure would be great if that was a fact all of the time.

8. Michael Fassbender as ‘Bobby Sands’ (“Hunger”):

Everyone who believes in forceful forms of protest can, quite frankly, suck Bobby Sands you know what. “Hunger” stars Michael Fassbender as he portrays the experience of a prisoner protesting for his fellow countrymen in 1981 Ireland. The Southern IRA regime refuses to bow down to the Northern Ireland portion of the country that are on board with being controlled by British rule. Sands and several other members of the cause are wrongfully imprisoned for simply wanting the right to govern their own country. Fights and riots in the ‘Maze’ prison facility take place. But what makes the biggest impact? A hunger strike in which prisoners refuse to swallow the slop being served. Most prisoners eventually cave because starving to death is a ridiculous task for anyone to achieve. Sands does it, and his actions speak volumes far beyond anyone carrying an assault rifle.

7. Enrique Irazoqui as ‘Cristo’ (“The Gospel According to St. Matthew”):

All of you angry people out there right now, can we please remember the words of your lord and savior ‘Jesus’? As an Atheist myself, I respect the religious beliefs of any and everyone as long as it does not harm others. When you truly get to the core of the message of Jesus the concept is very simple. “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”. Director Pier Paolo Pasolini, an insane artist during his time, made perhaps the most accurate portrayal of what the story of Jesus Christ truly looked like. Filmed like a documentary as opposed to a fictional piece, “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” gives you the messiah as a man of the people. Enrique Irazoqui does no grand standing or magestry. According to the Bible, Jesus was god and man. Hatred against others is not in his rule book.

6. Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella as ‘Timon & Pumba’ (“The Lion King”):

Becoming angry sometimes is healthy. Things happen. Life can suck. Fortunately I’ve learned to spend a few minutes being angry but then just let it go. Life is too short for constant hatred. Enter Timon & Pumba from “The Lion King”. When your day sucks, take a deep breath and yell out “HAKUNA MATATA!” After all, it means no worries. Embrace your anger and beat it by turning it into a positive because screw the bad stuff. Find your friends or family members and celebrate a simple moment of joy. I guarantee singing “HAKUNA MATATA” for three minutes will help calm you down.

5. Morgan Freeman as ‘Nelson Mandela’ (“Invictus”):

You think you have had a bad lot in life? Try being imprisoned for 25 years for simply opposing a fascist regime in South Africa. The Apartheid saw fit to kill and imprison millions of South Africans because they were white and in charge. Once the blacks were finally able to break through a free South African election resulted in Nelson Mandela becoming president. Instead of being petty Mandela decided to lead his nation with the pillars of forgiveness and embracing those who were at one time the enemy. Director Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus” does not encapsulate the entire journey of Mandela’s life. It does however show a snippet of how one man’s decision to support a trivial thing like rugby can bring people together for the betterment of a country.

4. Jeff Bridges as ‘The Dude’ (“The Big Lebowski”):

‘The Dude’ is the fun character for a list such as this. Jeff Bridges’s titular character in “The Big Lebowski” is the blueprint of how to simply calm the F*** down man. Beginning with a group of attempted kidnappers pissing on his rug all the way to seeing his close friend ‘Donny’ (Steve Buscemi) accidentally killed, every day is just another hurdle that can easily be solved by rolling up a J and drinking a White Russian. He may not look the part. He may not have the money. He may not conform to the concept of status quo. But who cares. To quote The Dude himself, “JUST CHILL OUT MAN”. Great advice for all.

3. David Oyelowo as ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ (“Selma”):

If you are against Martin Luther King Jr. then you are a racist. It is your right, but just own it. For everyone else who wants to be on the right side of history, MLK is one of the greatest patriots and leaders this country has ever seen. His personal life and marital discrepancies aside, let us acknowledge that on the record, this man is arguably the greatest leader of change for the better in history. With volatile groups such as the Black Panthers ensuing violent protest it was Dr. King and his group refusing to fight back. He knew that battling violence with violence was not the way to go. I always thought that making a film about MLK would be boring because how does any sane person not see that this man was amazing. Director Ava DuVernay found a small portrait size of King’s message with “Selma” instead of attempting a full biopic. It is moving and the words “I HAVE A DREAM” resonate to this day as the fight to end systemic racism continues.

2. Jimmy Stewart as ‘Jefferson Smith’ (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”):

Can you imagine a politician that actually gives a damn about the people they represent? What would it be like if they weren’t mostly crooks concerned with their own interest instead of putting societies interests first? Washington gets a taste of their own medicine when Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) is brought in to fill a Senate seat. An unlikely candidate from Montana, Mr. Smith at first is overwhelmed by the big wigs in D.C. Fortunately, the man does not lose his integrity and fights for a national boys camp that will instill positive personality traits as well as improve national parks and wildlife reserves. Seems like a basic concept. But when you’re fighting for the little things that improve our world sometimes we need “Mr. Smith” going to Washington.

1. Ben Kingsley as ‘Gandhi’ (“Gandhi”):

Is there any figure more infamous at peaceful protest than “Gandhi”? It took a revolution with millions of people killed to free America from British rule. While some lives were lost obviously, for the most part Mahatma Gandhi removed the unlawful rulers from his country of India through peaceful protest. The skinny man with glasses starving himself was able to free the second most populated nation in the world and peacefully cast off the Brits. Ben Kingsley was the perfect choice to portray this legend as the film “Gandhi” had the most extra’s in cinema history used during the funeral scene. That was the impact of this man and also the importance of how well this picture portrayed a historical figure.

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