5 Things For Me To Be Happy About in 2020

Look, 2020 has been bad for all of us from top to bottom. I’ve had some bad things happen personally. Some I can admit publicly and others not so much. I got laid off from a job I loved for the newspaper as there are no local sports, my cherished NFL team that I shall not name are terrible, and most importantly I cannot go to the theatre to see a damn movie! That last one is literally shrinking my life expectancy by the day. But, there were a few tiny rays of hope in the crappiest year ever in my lifetime. Yes, Covid is not like living through the Hitler era, but it still SUCKS! These moments are the rare positives I was able to find during this pandemic, and are in no particular order…

1. Getting Back to My Local Gym “POWERFLEX”:

Powerflex Gym has been a part of my life for over a decade. I joined the place straight out of graduating college. I was curious about where to go work out coming back home to Albuquerque so I lined up multiple places to check out. Just took one visit. The neighborly atmosphere of Powerflex got me. Don’t let the hard nose exterior of owner Dustin Melville fool you. That man is an absolute class act and supports anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. Then there is my off and on personal trainer Curt Arnett. This old man got me going early on during my Powerflex days because I was simply doing it wrong. It resulted in me losing 97 lbs. in one year. Since then I have not been perfect and various things in life have got in the way of staying in peak shape. Yet, going back to the local gym with these two esteemed gentleman was and continues to be such an amazing experience even if Covid-19 rages on. We mask-up and, as Curt loves to say, “GET IN THE HOLE!”

2. Pets Are Still Phenomenal!:

I mean c’mon, look at that face. My little homie Mowgli is just adorable. Sure he poops in other people’s house occasionally, not the greatest first impression. Despite that, pets make for the most amazing friends one could have. It is not a significant other or cherished family member of course, but a great pet will always be hanging out by your side. Cat person or dog person, doesn’t matter. These creatures are better than human beings. I will own that statement until the day I die. Ask old “John Wick” (Keanu Reeves) how much a dog means to him because you might get yourself killed if you mess with his pup. Just look at this picture. I came home and Mr. Mowgli had gathered all of his toys and thought “Yeah, we’re just gonna chill together as a crew”. Completely amazing.

3. A Friend Shows Me That ‘BTS’ Are Amazing:

I could gush about BTS all day. As a 13-year-old I was obsessed with Britney Spears. Just ask my friend Scott Riddle as I had a cupcake to blow out a candle for her birthday, true story. I became obsessed with the band ‘Incubus’ at the end of High School. Still the greatest concert I’ve ever seen when they performed at the famous ‘Red Rocks’ venue in Colorado. Cut to more than a decade later and I am absolutely floored with how unbelievable this band from South Korea is. I knew who they were, but once you get deep into their message of self love as well as unbelievable performance skills it is hard not to love these guys. BTS is legitimately the most excited I’ve been about music since my friend Scott Riddle played “Pardon Me” by Incubus on the radio while going to school. Every morning recently I wake up and play a BTS jam. No idea what they’re saying, but it is always a positive way to start the day. The BTS army is a crew that I am down with being a part of.

4. The NBA ‘Bubble’ Was a Success, And My New Favorite Baller Luka is Coming Up:

LUKA!!!!!!!! Man the NBA ‘Bubble’ was a blast. LeBron and Anthony Davis took home the trophy for the Lakers, which of course they could not celebrate with a parade in L.A., but a champion was crowned. The ‘Bubble’ format was fascinating as a basketball fan. We had no idea what to expect and yet we got very high level play from ballers looking to make a name for themselves. Being incased in the Disney World facilities was of course a no expenses spared situation. This was in no way a being in prison situation as some players said, but no matter how rich you are there is missing family members and that “Pooty-Tang” loss factor involved. Somehow they got it done. And talk about the story lines. Kwahi and the Los Angeles Clippers choked hard. Good job on giving the middle finger to LeBron when you can’t make it out of the second round buddy. Speaking of LeBron, 1st player ever to win a championship with three different teams. He’s still not M.J. on the court, but he’s getting closer. My favorite was my boy LUKA!!!!!! This white badass from Lithuania is ridiculous and he is barely at the point of legal drinking age. Dude is insane bringing the ball up the court and will be a nightmare for opponents over the next decade. There is a reason the highlight Christmas game has LeBron facing off against Luka and not Kwahi. Passing of the torch…

5. I Mean, How Could One Not Include ‘Baby Yoda’:

Just when you thought newborn children were not cute enough the Disney franchise has this to offer, ‘Baby Yoda’. Yes, I know he has a name now and he wasn’t born on the show you nerds, but who cares! Homeboy is ‘Baby Yoda’ in my book all day. What a brilliant marketing strategy for Disney and the “Star Wars” universe. To not let anyone know that a tiny version of one of the most iconic characters in movie history would suddenly appear is an amazing idea to push your show as well as your new streaming service. Business and taking money from poor people aside in real life, I always call it straight. ‘Baby Yoda’ is great. Call me a sucker if you want. The only scenes worth watching on “The Mandalorian” are when this dude is around. Obviously it is a marketing tool, but it is also a brilliant one. He’s like a “Ferbie” only you don’t feel embarrassed about owning it. Long live my ‘Baby Yoda’!

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