5 Reasons BTS Are Awesome

I am a very recent fan of the global phenomenon that is BTS. I knew who they were but had never heard one of their songs until a friend recommended a video. I’m down for a solid boyband jam, but the language barrier did not have me seeking them out. Once I saw them perform I was hooked. If anybody thinks buff dudes cannot be a part of the “BTS ARMY”, just ask John Cena. A former coworker and Korean raised woman posted a new video the group put up for Jimmy Kimmel’s show on twitter and I commented that I am a new fan. Then, some bigoted a-hole I do not know personally but is in the film biz, will not name him, came out and said “KEEP THAT ASIAN CRAP OUT OF OUR COUNTRY”. It got ridiculous as twitter does, but my former coworker dropped the mic by asking this particular person “Have you ever worked on a movie in Korea?” He replied “Well Yes”. She finished it off by saying “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY”. In the spirit of global understanding as well as giving the finger to racists everywhere, this is a list to showcase 5 Reasons BTS Are Awesome.

5. BTS Speaks at the United Nations (2018):

4. BTS Goes On Carpool Karaoke With James Corden (2020):

3-A. John Cena Explains What These Young Men Are Doing (2020):

3-B. BTS is “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT” In Matthew McConaughey’s Book (2019):

2. BTS Does an Ode to ‘The Beatles’ (2019):

1. A Historic Performance at Grand Central Terminal (2020):

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