Seven Classic Filmmakers; Top 7 Classic Michael Bay Movies

My hatred for Michael Bay will never go away. He is the most despicable human being in the filmmaking world possible. Whether it is public appearances, abusing beautiful women, or actually trying to make a film, Michael Bay treats everyone as though they are far beneath him. That would be fine if he didn’t make garbage over and over again. I have never met a humble worker in the film industry who has a good thing to say about the dude after working on set with him. But hey, he makes money. Sounds strangely familiar to somebody running America at this moment. I would review the movies individually, but what’s the point. Let the clips speak for themselves. I will say my number 1 pick is actually a good movie. Always call ’em straight. Here are my Top 7 Classic Michael Bay Movies.

7. “Transformers” (2007):

6. “Armageddon” (1998))

5. “Pearl Harbor” ( 2001):

4. “The Island” (2005):

3. “Tranformers: Dark of the Moon” (2011):

2. “Bad Boys” (1995):

1. “The Rock” (1996):

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