Top 10 Sexy Mo-Fo’s in Movies

Being sexy is in the eye of the beholder. What turns us on in the downstairs area changes from person to person. Age, preference, or sexual-orientation does not matter. All humans want to get down when its comes to being in the bedroom. As a straight man myself, I can respect a sexy man just as much as a jaw-dropping woman walking into the room. I’m an “ASS-AND-TITTIES” person, but my goodness sometimes those six-pack abs can be majestic. Whether you are straight, gay, man, or woman, there is no denying a hottie when you see one. With everyone going at it in the bedroom during the Corona Virus, let us celebrate the sexiest of the sexy that have dawned the silver screen.
10. Sam Wheat (“Ghost”):
Who said dead people can’t be sexy? Perhaps the most well know seduction scene in movie history, Patrick Swayze makes clay so erotic that his wife played by Demi Moore simply does not care about her latest sculpture because it is time to get down, and they’re gonna take it nice & slow. Sure, Swayze ends up being murdered and has to find out why as a “Ghost” with the help of Whoopi Goldberg. But man that flowing hair combined with his propensity to not wear a shirt had the ladies melting in the palm of his muddy hands.
9. Princess Leia (“Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi”):
Nerds deserve sex symbols too. The weird ones are into the anime style ones. Hey, to each his or her own. But you can simply watch Comic-Con footage and their is a ton of hotties on the floor in San Diego. The most iconic one on screen has got to Princess Leia in the gold bikini in “Return of the Jedi”. While the late Carrie Fisher exploded on the sci-fi scene with the rest of her co-stars in the original “Star Wars”, the third installment with her wearing next to nothing had men, and some women, sweating in excitement after every viewing. She might be chained next to a giant blob like alien, but nobody was looking at him.
8. Kathryn Merteuil (“Cruel Intentions”):

Cruel Intentions

This is a film for me that began my young puberty flamed adventure into becoming a man. I was just a kid and thought this was going to be a twisted teenager drama. Turns out this was sexy as hell, and at the center of all of the seduction was Sarah Michelle Gellar. While yes technically the bad guy, the plot literally faded away the second she started to caress her cleavage. And thank the lord she did it a bunch. I never saw the plucky Sarah Michelle in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” the same way after walking out of “Cruel Intentions”. And I mean that in a good way.
7. Jack Dawson (“Titanic”):


I mean C’mon. Looking into the eyes of Leonardo DiCaprio is simply breathtaking. His ascension into becoming one of the biggest sex symbols in the world started with “Titanic”. Teenage girls love for this guy was like The Backstreet Boys craze on steroids. Plus the older group of women were down to get there cougar game on if it was with Leo. What woman could possibly not be turned on by being drawn naked on a couch before heated love-making in the back of a car. Yes of course he dies, shit happens, but Jack Dawson was as delectable as they come.
6. J.D. (“Thelma & Louise”):
Once again, I mean C’mon. These guys are ruining it for the rest of us. Brad Pitt has so many diverse roles while being sexy. He’s ‘gritty’ sexy in “Fight Club”. He’s ‘smooth’ sexy in “Ocean’s 11”. But the one that started it all was director Ridley Scott’s 1991 classic “Thelma & Louise”. Two women living in a small town in the Southwest have had it with the bigoted and abusive men that surround them. Once they escape to get loose and take off on the road the pair decide that they aren’t going to take it anymore from any drunk a-hole trucker. Thelma (Geena Davis) is the shy part of the duo as her husband beat her down physically and mentally. That is until she meets J.D. This stranger not only looks incredible, he knows how to treat a woman. Thelma might actually learn what it feels like to have an orgasm that she did not induce herself for the first time. Hubba-hubba.
5. Jessica Rabbit (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”):


As I previously mentioned on this listing being turned on by animated characters is weird, but you do you. On the other hand, if you live in a universe where cartoons exist and live with humans, it’s kind of fair game. No cartoon in history is sexier than one Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. This sultry lounge singer voiced by the legend Kathleen Turner (for my money the sexiest deep voice on a woman ever) can stop a room and have men and toons dropping their cigarettes and martini’s in awe. Yes, she is a cartoon. But ever since it’s 1989 theatrical release women on Halloween have been rocking a re-enactment of this costume with guys turning into horny dogs. It’s all about that leg.
4. James Bond (Take Your Pick):


Certainly the most obvious pick for this category, 007 is known for martini’s, slick cars, and most importantly sleeping with any broad he sets his sights on. The longest running franchise in movie history, the British super-spy known as Bond always makes sure to fulfill all your fantasies in the bedroom even if the woman is a villain. A great way to get ready for his next deadly mission against a madman and his crew of mindless soldiers. What a man wouldn’t give to be able to say ‘Bond, James Bond’ all slow-like and know the panties across the poker table have just dropped.
3. John Shaft (“Shaft”):


Before ‘Wakanda Forever!!’ came around, the ultimate black hero was “Shaft”. Coming smack-dab in the middle of the civil rights movement in 1971, “Shaft” gave African-Americans a total badass that looked like them. Star Richard Roundtree kicked ass and didn’t really feel like taking names very often. Any criminal organization was going down. But more importantly, no woman could resist this mans’ swagger. A gun wasn’t the only weapon he was armed with if you know what I mean. To quote the classic Issac Hayes theme song; ” WHO’S THE BLACK PRIVATE DICK THAT’S A SEX MACHINE TO ALL THE CHICKS… SHAFT! YOU DAMN RIGHT”.
2. Catherine Tramell (“Basic Instinct”):

Basic Instinct

You take the good guy/girl home to meet your parents. But sometimes you just gotta get down when one of those devious women that are just looking to get it on come along. Hopefully they don’t turn around and murder you after orgasming like Sharon Stone’s character in “Basic Instinct”. The monster in the classic sci-fi movie “Predator” is terrifying. Catherine Tramell is a real-life type of predator. If her sultry legs and seductive eyes don’t get you, just wait until she spreads her legs while not wearing any underwear. The interrogating police were fighting to hide their erections with a simple shifting of the legs. So was every man in the theater.
1. The Girl (“The Seven Year Itch”):


Marilyn Monroe is without a doubt the most iconic sex symbol in the history of cinema. So many great hotties that had men and women having dreams that they would not share with their significant others. Marilyn is the biggest face on the Mt. Rushmore of sexy icons. She was on the cover of the first ever Playboy magazine published and the person Hugh Hefner owes his career to. Her iconic up-skirt shot that has been put on millions of posters came in “The Seven Year Itch”. While not my favorite picture in her amazing career (“Some Like it Hot” anyone?), “The Seven Year Itch” was the penultimate example of silencing the room. Made in a time when nudity was not a thing on screen, Monroe had stuck up business men losing their minds, in particular her co-star Tommy Ewell. A faithful husband, Ewell’s family leaves town for the summer and this bombshell comes into his life. I do not condone cheating, but I mean it’s Marilyn Monroe. Don’t all husbands and wives get a list of five free passes in life? Seems fair.

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