“Extraction” (2020) Movie Review

Dir; Sam Hargrave. Starring; Chris Hemsworth, Bryon & Ryder Lerum, Rudhraksh Jaiswal. R. Color. 116 min.
Growing up as a young boy entering puberty, testosterone fueled movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal were the shit. Looking back, almost all of them were just plain shit. “Extraction” is exactly the same, except I actually like star Chris Hemsworth both on screen and in real life way more than those 90’s action scumbags.
The head stunt coordinator for multiple Marvel movies, Sam Hargrave, makes his directorial debut here in a non-stop gritty bloodbath with a little socio-political undertone sprinkled on top. Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, a hotshot black market mercenary with a death wish. He is haunted by the loss of his son and wife leaving him so he has nothing to live for.
Whatever agency Tyler works for gets a top level assignment from an imprisoned gangster in Mumbai, India. The gangster’s son has been kidnapped by the new gang boss on the come up crew of flunkies.  After initially getting the boy out of captivity, it’s left to Hemsworth to get him to safety when both the criminals and paid police are on the hunt for this  young man caught in the crosshairs.
Ok, admittedly this is meant to be a pure shoot-em-up. An 11 plus minute single take (it’s not, but looks that way) is excellent edge-of-your-seat action. Other than that, “Extraction” is so full of holes that every ten minutes you’re like, ‘Wait, that doesn’t make sense?’ kind of stuff. The fights are intense, but picture “John Wick” being made by people that cannot make an overall movie. Stunts are great. Hemsworth is a bonafide star and keeps things together. Unfortunately, “Extraction” sucks. Stick to what you’re good at Sam Hargrave, STUNTS!
Suck Factor: 6 out of 7 (7 means your movie really SUCKS!)
Written by Byrd
The SUCK FACTOR, how it works. We have flipped the rating system upside down. If a film is classic, it gets a 0. Meaning that movie has 0 SUCKS. If a film is complete trash you must avoid at all costs, it gets a 7, meaning this movie really SUCKS!


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