Top 10 Greatest Scenes

An overall film can be transformed into a long standing classic within a scene. Whether it comes at the beginning, middle, or end, a gravitating moment can bring an audience together. From laughter to tears, an amazing sequence can change ones day and remind you how unbelievable movies can be. Here are my top 10 Best Scenes in movie history. As always, not a list of best overall films. These are moments that rise above even the greatest of cinema.
10. Avengers Assemble! (“Avengers: Endgame”):
The kids growing up from the 70’s to the 90’s knew the golden age of comic books. In the modern era, the MCU has become a juggernaut at the theater. Personally, I am not a big fan. There are such festivals when you know the winner. Despite that, Chris Evans as Captain America saying “AVENGERS! ASSEMBLE” with a crew of hero’s behind him as they go to town in battle is legendary moviemaking which resulted in the biggest blockbuster in cinema history. Once again, I am not an MCU affectionate. Yet that climactic battle in “Avengers: Endgame” makes it impossible not to come back for more,
9. Spinning Head (“The Exorcist”):


A number of scenes could be referenced when it comes to director William Friedken’s 1973 horror movie staple. I was not alive at the time, but ask your elders. “The Exorcist” freaked out the world and for me it still scared the shit out of me twenty years later. The twisted tale of a possession struck young girl will give even the biggest Atheist nightmares. While the actual Exorcism in which two priests yell ‘THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!’, my pick is the spinning head sequence. After the afflicted Linda Blair (who’s parents would not let the young lady see the film when it was initially released) stabs her vagina with a cross, she turns her head backwards and insights fear in both her mother as well as the audience. While tame in perspective to the modern horror fan culture based around movies such as “Saw”, “The Exorcist” remains a haunting tale that stands the test of time.
8. Hallway Fight (“Oldboy”):


The 2003 South Korean classic “Oldboy” vaulted a solid career for director Chan-Wook Park to international fame. “Oldboy” is a nut job show of filmmaking with a beginning as well as an ending that you do not see coming. The penultimate sequence is a battle between the main character Oh Dae-Su versus a crew of flunky gangsters which takes place all in one unending take. Pure ‘how did they do that?’ movie stuff. Ignore the Spike Lee remake, just trust me on this one.
7. Funny How? (“Goodfellas”):


Back in the day, Martin Scorsese made some of the greatest movies about mobsters ever before he stopped doing cocaine. Bummer. “Goodfellas” is arguably his greatest feet. While robbed for the best picture Oscar by Kevin Costners “Dances With Wolves” (Don’t get me started), supporting actor Joe Pesci took home gold with his portrayal as the real life psychopath Tommy DeVito. While totally deserving of his award, the walk up to the stage was launched with him saying “Funny How? How am I funny? Am I a clown to you?” His version of evil meets sarcasm as he scares Ray Liotta for a laugh is the stuff of legends.
6. Boxing Showdown (“City Lights”):

City Lights

Whether you have seen a silent movie or not, it’s hard to find somebody who does not know Charlie Chaplin. An all-time legend of pop culture, Chaplin embedded his footprint in the history books with his bumbling mustached tramp character who just can’t get things right. His best portrayal was 1931’s “City Lights”. A laugh riot centered around a kindhearted imbecile trying to get the beautiful girl, “City Lights” is the ultimate underdog story. The climax is the tramp somehow finding himself in the midst of a boxing ring. Way overmatched, Chaplin uses slight of hand to duck and dodge his way to safety and the blind woman he loves.
5. Simba is Presented (“The Lion King”):

Lion King

There are plenty of classic Disney and/or Pixar movie moments throughout the years. Nothing quite compares to the opening of the 1994 classic“The Lion King”. It does not matter if you are a child or adult, the second you hear “MAAAAAA-ZA-VENA!” (That’s probably not verbatim) from the start it is impossible not to be drawn into this animated classic. The majestic visuals near the end of Disney’s era of hand drawn kid’s films gets going from the start, cementing an all-timer within a few minutes.
4. What’s in the Box! (“Se7en”):


Twist endings are almost always garbage. A story based on pulling the rug out from under you typically results in plot holes galore. Director David Fincher hit a slam dunk with “Se7en”, one of the few examples of actually making sense in that world.. A morbid look at a serial killer forcing  people to suffer in, admittedly, the most genius ways as two police officers work to track him down. What you can’t see coming is the shocker when the bad guy shows up at the detective’s office to the surprise of stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The killers endgame based on the seven deadly sins makes absolute sense and what is “In the Box” is a spine-tingler that will floor any viewer.
3. Bullet Time (“The Matrix”):


Winning four Academy Awards, the original was groundbreaking. “The Matrix” is one of the biggest sci-fi movies ever made. That was in large part due to the groundbreaking Bullet Time technology the Wachowski Brothers envisioned in creating a classic. While the 360 degree camera trick was utilized multiple times, it was star Keanu Reeves leaning back in a trench coat dodging bullets in slow motion that sparked a must see cinematic venture that became the first movie to sell one-million copies on DVD (Look it up). Multiple movies stole the concept in the early 2000’s. Idiotic analysts blamed school shootings on “The Matrix”, stupid. Keanu Reeves dodging bullets remains a pivotal moment in sci-fi action movie history.
2. Boombox For a Girl (“Say Anything…”):

Say Anything

Every kid wanted to grow up as to be an astronaut or superhero. Once I saw the classic rom-com “Say Anything…” I have always wanted to be John Cusack outside of the girl’s house who I have no business dating playing “In You’re Eyes” by Peter Gabriel blasting out of the boombox  Sure, this is probably not going to work in the long run based on the circumstances and where the couple is going. But I have learned in life logical thinking in love can be thrown out of the window. All you can do is take a shot, and that is what my life-hero Lloyd Dobler does by holding up the stereo.
1. Here’s Johnny! (“The Shining”):


Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror masterpiece “The Shining” pissed off a lot of people. Original novelist Stephen King hated the interpretation as it was not true to the scripture. You’re lucky King, because Stanley made a better film than any of your books. Sorry. The culmination is Jack Nicholson storming a bathroom whilst his wife and son are trying to escape through a window covered in snow. With an axe to get through, Nicholson yells out some of the most iconic words in cinema history. “HERE’S JONNY!”.

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