“Deadpool 2” Film Review

Dir; David Leitch.  Starring; Ryan Rewynolnolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin.  2018.  Color.  119 min.
I want to be perfectly clear with this review.  Your parents will like this movie.  Your kids, barring their age, will like it even more.  “Deadpool 2” is a really easy way to turn off your brain.  Unfortunately, this is not a movie you should care about even moments after walking out of the theater the same way you did with the original film.
Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, everyones favorite naughty-mouthed superhero.  Reynolds’ portrayal of the red spandex wearing anti-hero is still fresh.  Unfortunately, the script is not.  In this go around, Deadpool faces against the formidable Cable (Josh Brolin).  Cable shows up more than half way through the movie, and we are expected to care.   Why do these mutants have to face off?  Because of a fat kid with the power to shoot fire out of his hands whom Deadpool wants to protect.  Not sure why, yet Cable wants this kid dead.  So let’s just go with it.  Don’t worry, everyone gets along in the end.  I’d say spoiler alert at this point, but let’s be honest.  Deadpool wins in order to set up for the third movie, as well as the fourth I’m sure.
The original “Deadpool” was a breath of fresh air to the comic book genre.  It was the anti-superhero flick.  This sequel falls into so many cliche’s it’s hard to keep up.  At the same time, it forces every joke down your throat.  The original was fun and had class.  A classic example of a franchise that started off hungry, then fizzled out once a ton of money got thrown at it.  “Deadpool 2” is like watching a bad stand-up comedian.  Yes you’ll laugh, but you won’t remember anything as you walk out of the theater.
Suck Factor: 5 out of 7 (7 means your movie really SUCKS!)
Written by Byrd

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