“A Quiet Place” Film Review (2018)


Quiet Place

A good horror film is hard to find. Almost all of the concepts are ridiculous, and they just want pop scares or violence. “A Quiet Place” is much more concerned with building tension that will lead to a scare.  A slow burn at times, which makes the intense moments all that much better.
The film stars John Krasinski (who also directs) and Emily Blunt.  They are two parents simply trying to raise three children.  Unfortunately, they are raising these kids in a post-apocalyptic world.  A world where you must be quiet in every aspect of your life.  Otherwise, the monsters will come for you.
Revealing anything else would be a disservice.  You must experience it the same way I did.  Many things about this film deserve praise.  90% of this picture has no dialogue.  It mainly uses subtitles to translate how the characters communicate through sign language.  In 2018, to have an audience of people in America captivated with subtitles and little dialogue is amazing.  Credit to Krasinski for going all in on the story he wanted to tell.  Also, no detail is overlooked.  From the characters never wearing shoes to the father spreading sand to silence every footstep, the idea of QUIET is never lost.
My only complaint is the ending, where “A Quiet Place” goes full on M. Night Shaymalan and tries to surprise the audience with the you-never-saw-it-coming adage.  Nope, everyone saw it coming.
Still, “A Quiet Place” is a well crafted thrill ride.  It will have you on the edge of your seat, and in the best way possible.  Guys, take your ladies.  She will be cowering in your arms.  Ladies, take your guys.  He will be cowering in your arms even faster.
Written by Byrd
Suck Factor: 2 out of 7 (7 means your movie really SUCKS!)
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